Terms and Conditions

1. Confirmation of Booking

Your booking is only confirmed when you have paid your non-refundable deposit and you have received confirmation of booking email.

2. Cancellation Policy

We understand that occasionally parties need to be cancelled. We are happy to allow you to reschedule the party as long as we have availability for your new date. We can hold your deposit for 12 months. If you want to completely cancel your booking then we would charge £50 fee.

3. Character / Entertainer

When you pay your deposit and receive your confirmation receipt this confirms ‘Pretty Super Parties’ will provide an entertainer for your child’s birthday party or event. We will send you a receipt with confirmation of your character for the chosen time and date. We reserve the right to change the entertainer hosting your party.

4. Final Balances

Final Balances need to be paid in full on the day of your party to your entertainer before the party commences. Failure to do so may result in your party not taking place. Cheques and BACS are NOT accepted on the day and your party will not go ahead on this basis.

5. Parking

Clients will need to pay for any parking for your entertainer. Please let your entertainer know where he/she is best parking and if there are any charges please inform him/her of these charges and then please give him/her the cash for this on day.

6. Set Up Time

Please note that we require 45 mins – 1 hour to set up all of our sound equipment, lighting, decorations etc and change into costume. If we can’t get into the venue within this time we can’t guarantee that we will be ready for the party start time as we have a large set up.

7. Performing Superheroes

Our Superheroes who perform a variety of tricks/flips/martial arts moves etc are Spider-Man, Red Ranger and Green Ninja. If you wish to book one or more of these characters, please note that they can only perform these moves if the space is safe to do so. If the space is too small, the ceiling is too low, the floor is unsuitable etc they will not be able to perform without the risk of injury. If you have any questions about the suitability of a room please feel free to contact us.

Pretty Super Parties has no association with the Walt Disney Company. Any resemblance between our entertainers and any trademarked character are purely coincidental; we base our characters on fables and storybook characters that have been entertaining children for years. All clients booking with is must be in acceptance that our characters do not represent any copyrighted characters and we are not affiliated with any other companies.